90% university staff back Remain says EU referendum survey.

‘Nearly 90 per cent of those working in UK higher education will vote Remain in the European Union referendum, while 40 per cent say that they are more likely to leave the country in the event of a Brexit, a Times Higher Education survey suggests.

The online survey, which gained 1,082 responses but carries the caveat of having been a self-selecting survey, found that 88.5 per cent of respondents intend to vote Remain and 9.5 per cent Leave, with 2.1 per cent undecided.

Several respondents raised the prospect of leaving the UK in their comments.

One said: “My entire research team is funded by EU money. Obviously without belonging to the EU we can’t continue with the work we are doing, and given the ESRC [Economic and Social Research Council] etc don’t usually fund work in our field very much these days, it’s just not realistic to imagine that alternative funding will be made available. So I have a feeling we might move bit by bit over to Germany, where the funding for this kind of research is pretty handsome, and better supported generally.”’ – Times Higher Education


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