Are students placed under too much pressure to find a job?

‘Students should not bother with looking for a job until months after graduating, the outgoing head of Ucas has said.

Mary Curnock Cook warned middle-class parents and universities have become “too fixated” on careers, placing unnecessary pressure on young people to apply for jobs too soon.

Instead, students could benefit from some “down-time” by moving back home  after their final exams, she said.

Choosing to go to university is a “life-changing decision” but can be a disaster if it is not an “informed choice”, she added.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Ms Curnock Cook said going to university is a “life-changing decision” but could be disastrous if it is not an “informed choice”.

“It's about broadening your horizons,” she added, “it's too utilitarian to think you've got to go to university and then land a career straight after that. It's terribly unhelpful.

“Students may need to take some down-time after the stresses of finals and dissertations. I don't think there's any harm in doing temporary, voluntary or non-graduate work to fill the gap before finding something more permanent.’ - Independent


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