Budget 2016: devolved justice powers for Greater Manchester.

‘Greater Manchester is to become the first English region to get new powers over the criminal justice system.

Chancellor George Osborne used the Budget to announce further devolution of powers to the area.

The change means decisions on offender management, education in prisons and work with youth offenders will be made locally.

The region's Labour mayor, Tony Lloyd, said "we will have to read the fine print" to make sure there is "no loss".

The Chancellor also announced the region will get a new prison and will keep 100% of business rates, beginning next year.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority, which comprises the region's 10 councils, said it will have more control of funding to support both offenders and victims of crime.

It is proposing devolving other budgets, including for female offenders, young offenders and those sentenced to fewer than two years in prison, which would mark a major change to the current system.’ - BBC

‘Ministers will work with the police commissioner and council bosses on a potential new 'resettlement jail' for people from the local area who are nearing release.

If built from scratch - rather than using an existing prison - it would be the first new jail the region has seen since Salford’s Forest Bank in the 1990s.

No site has yet been identified but the government has been pushing Greater Manchester authorities since at least the start of February to come up with a possible site for a new jail.

Ministry of Justice officials have asked council leaders to identify sites that would be suitable, based on how easy they would be to develop, their size - at least 25 acres - and the quality of their transport links.

Any resulting resettlement prison would hold people from Greater Manchester who are serving the last few months of their sentences to get them ready for life outside.’ – Manchester Evening News


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