Donations to UK universities exceeds £1bn for the first time.

‘The Ross-Case survey of higher education, carried out by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (Case) Europe, showed that the total amount of philanthropic income secured in new funds by 110 participating universities has gone up by 23% in the space of a year.

Those working to increase philanthropic giving in UK higher education say the £1.06bn total for 2015-16 marks a significant landmark and shows that philanthropy now represents an important income stream for UK universities.  

Case global vice president Tricia King said: “Philanthropic giving is now at the heart of UK university culture.

“It provides vital funds to enable the nation’s universities to invest in new ground breaking research that pushes back the boundaries of knowledge, improves social mobility by widening access to degree study and builds world class facilities.”

The universities of Oxford and Cambridge remain the biggest winners from charitable giving by a huge margin however. Together they account for 46% of new funds secured and 34% of total donors.

Though dwarfed by the enormous donations US universities receive – $40.3bn (£31.1bn) in 2015 – the £1bn total marks an important milestone in philanthropic giving in the UK since the survey began 15 years ago and comes at a time of growing uncertainty in the sector about the impact of the Brexit vote on university funding.’ - Guardian


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