Employers call for return of Saturday job to plug Brexit gap.

‘Hopes that young Britons could plug a potentially massive post-Brexit labour shortage will stall unless concerted efforts are made to resurrect the dying traditional “Saturday job”, employers have said.

“Earning and learning” among youngsters has fallen off a cliff and needs to be “normalised” once again, according to the umbrella body that represents more than 200 organisations working with jobseekers.

While nearly half of 16- to 17-year-old students were studying and working 10 years ago, it had declined to as little as 18% by 2014, a reality that the Employment Related Services Association says will be hard to fix unless radical changes are undertaken by the government, employers and the education sector.

“The government has placed a big focus on work experience and trying to get young people into placements, but actually the main way people used to get experience of employment used to be by getting part-time work, whether it was agricultural work or in the coffee shop,” said Kirsty McHugh, the ERSA’s chief executive. “Talk to anybody over the age of 40 and they will have done bar work or some other sort of job earlier on. That is changing.”

Her comments come as the hospitality sector this week became the first major UK industry to set out a plan to reduce its dependence on EU workers.’ - Guardian


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