EU students generate millions for national and local economies.

‘EU students at UK universities generate £3.7 billion for the UK economy and support more than 34,000 jobs across the country, according to analysis from Universities UK.

The research, which is based on 2011-12 student numbers, found that EU students generated £1.44 billion for the economy through direct on-campus spending of £220 million on fees and costs. The rest of the money (£2.27 billion) was generated through off-campus spending of £1.49 billion on goods and services, such as food and rent.

Through their on-campus and off-campus spending, EU students supported or created 34,250 jobs throughout the UK, the UUK analysis claims.

Dame Julia Goodfellow, president of UUK and vice-chancellor of the University of Kent, said the figures showed that EU students “spend money and create jobs in all regions and corners of the UK”.

She added: “EU students also make a very important academic and cultural contribution to university life, creating an international, outward-looking culture on campuses which, in turn, benefits UK students.

“Leaving the EU and putting up barriers to work and study makes it more likely that European students and researchers will choose to go elsewhere, strengthening our competitors and weakening the UK’s universities.” – Times Higher Education


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