Exam results are out for students in Scotland.

‘Higher passes were down slightly this year but a record number of Scottish pupils have been given a university place on exam results day.

Scottish students passed a total of 152,701 Highers in 2016, with an attainment rate of 77.2% - down on the 156,000 passes in 2015 but still the second highest number on record.

It is the first year that all schools and colleges have offered the new Higher to candidates following last year's phased introduction.

Last year, the attainment rate for the new Higher was 79.2%.

Meanwhile, as of midnight, 28,300 Scottish applicants had been accepted to higher education so far this year, up 5% compared to results day in 2015.

Almost all - 27,400 - are going to Scottish universities and colleges.’ - ITV News

‘More than 140,000 students north of the border have received their results.

The Scottish Qualifications Authority has sent out scores from National 4 and 5, Higher, Advanced Higher and Scottish Baccalaureate exams.

The Scottish government said the exams had seen "another highly successful set of results", including:

  • 152,701 Higher passes, the second highest number on record and 77% of those sat
  • 234,160 National 5 passes, 79% of those sitting exams
  • 114,635 National 4 passes, 93% of those sat
  • More than 43,000 National Certificates, Awards and National Progression Awards in courses such as early education, childcare and computer games development, up 27%
  • A 23% increase in National Certificate passes at SCQF level 6 related to work skills, to 4,920

The latest results from the SQA suggested that problems with the 2015 Higher Maths exam have not been repeated. The 2015 pass mark had to be cut to 34% after the exam was deemed too difficult, but the 2016 pass mark was approximately 50%.

Fears that replacing part of the Higher English exam against a tight deadline would lead to problems also proved unfounded, with the pass mark for that subject also 50%.

Pass rates in National 4 and 5 exams were roughly in line with those in 2015, while the percentage of candidates passing their Higher exams dipped slightly from 79.2% to 77.2% - although new Higher exams have been phased in over this period.

New Advanced Higher exams were introduced for 2016, with an overall 81.7% pass rate.’ - BBC News

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