Funding to continue for EU students in 2017.

‘EU students applying to study at English universities from autumn 2017 will continue to pay the same fees as domestic undergraduates and will remain eligible for the same loans and grants despite the Brexit vote, the government has announced.

Universities welcomed the announcement, which follows three months of intensive lobbying and provides much-needed breathing space as the higher education sector grapples with the uncertainty triggered by the UK referendum vote to leave the EU.

With the deadlines for applications for next year’s university places approaching, vice-chancellors have been urging the government to clarify terms affecting future EU students in the hope that numbers will hold up. Applications for Oxbridge and most medical schools close later this week, while the deadline for most other courses is 15 January.

The higher education sector has become increasingly dependent on EU students, who have been the fastest growing proportion of young undergraduates in UK universities, at a time when the number of 18-year-olds in the British population has been reducing. In each of the past five years EU students accounted for more than 5% of undergraduates studying in the UK.

The government’s announcement confirms that new EU students will be eligible for the same funding and support as they are now, and that their eligibility will continue throughout their course, even if the UK exits the EU during that period. The same reassurance was given in June to existing EU students and those starting their studies this year.’ - The Guardian

‘Universities ran an aggressive anti-Brexit campaign earlier this year, claiming leaving the union would discourage EU and international students and harm funding.

Universities minister Jo Johnson said yesterday: ‘We know that the result of the referendum brought with it some uncertainties for our higher education sector.

‘International students make an important contribution to our world class universities, and we want that to continue.

‘This latest assurance that students applying to study next year will not only be eligible to apply for student funding under current terms, but will have their eligibility maintained throughout the duration of their course, will provide important stability for both universities and students.’

The migration status of EU nationals in the UK is currently being discussed as politicians work on an agreement to protect British citizens abroad also.

The announcement also means those from the EU applying to ‘further education’ colleges will continue to receive funding.’ - Mail Online

‘Responding to the Government's announcement, Dame Julia Goodfellow, president of  the vice-chancellors' group, Universities UK, said: "This announcement provides much needed clarity for EU students applying to start courses at English universities in autumn 2017.

"Over recent weeks the university sector has made very clear to Government the urgent need to address this issue. It is good to see the Government has recognised the value of EU students and acted positively to guarantee their access to financial support."

She warned that: "Every effort must now be made to ensure that this announcement is communicated effectively to prospective students across Europe.”

"Looking ahead, as the Government develops plans post-Brexit Britain, a commitment is needed to ensure that students, from Europe and beyond, are able to continue to come to the UK to study without unnecessary bureaucratic burdens." ‘ - The Telegraph

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