Government scraps education bill.

‘The government has said it is dropping the education bill unveiled in this year’s Queen’s speech, abandoning several proposals that had proved to be unpopular. However, it said it would press ahead with plans for more grammar schools.

The bill was introduced in March by Nicky Morgan, then education secretary, but its most controversial clauses were quickly removed, including forcing all state schools in England to become academies by 2020 and ending statutory places for parents on boards of governors.

Justine Greening, Morgan’s successor as education secretary, signalled the ditching of the bill in a written statement to parliament on the unrelated technical and further education bill.

“We have rightly reflected on our strategic priorities and the proposals for education legislation put forward at the time of the Queen’s speech [in May],” Greening said in the statement.

“My department has renewed its focus on ensuring everything we do drives towards improving social mobility with an emphasis on not just the most disadvantaged families but also on those that are just about managing.

“Our ambition remains that all schools should benefit from the freedom and autonomy that academy status brings. Our focus, however, is on building capacity in the system and encouraging schools to convert voluntarily.”’ - Guardian


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