Lower university entry grades for a diverse mix of students.

‘Students with only two E grades at A level should be admitted to the UK’s leading universities in order to build more diverse undergraduate cohorts, according to a former education minister.

Baroness Blackstone, former vice-chancellor of the University of Greenwich and a Labour education minister between 1997 and 2001, said that creating “comprehensive” universities with “a much more socially and academically mixed student population than exists at present” would be a “worthy goal”.’

‘Baroness Blackstone……..said that highly selective institutions should recognise that most young people who took A levels are “capable of studying for an undergraduate degree”.

Teaching more diverse cohorts would, she said, “be more interesting and more challenging”, and would mean that students would be “more likely to learn to respect and treat as equals people with profoundly different backgrounds”.

“Should we not do far more to prevent elites from spending the whole of their education and indeed much of their lives ignorant and sometimes prejudiced about their fellow citizens?”, Baroness Blackstone asked. “If they are to occupy positions of power and authority in political, economic, professional and cultural roles in a democracy this should surely be avoided.” ‘ - Times Higher Education

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