Make workplaces more inclusive and increase productivity.

‘Companies should remove candidates’ names from job applications and offer flexible working from the outset of the recruitment process to create a more dynamic and diverse workforce, according to employers’ body the CBI.

In a new report, published on Monday, the CBI will highlight the economic and social challenges facing the UK that have been “thrown into sharp relief by Brexit” and focus on issues of productivity and inclusion.

“With UK productivity second from bottom of the G7, employee engagement is now more than ever crucial to driving productivity. But here too there’s a problem. Of the world’s 12 largest economies the UK ranks ninth for levels of engagement,” said Paul Drechsler, president of the CBI.

“Raising engagement isn’t about slapping another zero on the budget for the staff Christmas party. It’s a complex process which takes time and hard work,” he said.

Philip Hammond, appointed chancellor after the Brexit vote, has vowed to improve. Data from earlier this month showed UK productivity was 27, 30 and 35 percentage points lower than in France, the US and Germany respectively.

In a speech, Drechsler will highlight the importance of the recruitment process to get people with the correct skills into jobs to increase productivity and make the workplace inclusive.’ - The Guardian

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