May pressed on grammar schools and apprenticeship cuts.

May pressed on grammar schools and apprenticeship cuts. 

Summary: Education a hot topic during Prime Minister’s Questions.

‘Theresa May has united the educational establishment in opposition to her plans for new grammar schools, Jeremy Corbyn told the prime minister during a boisterous prime minister’s questions, saying the system would lead to “segregation for the few”.

Using all six questions to press May on her plans to allow selective schools to be set up, the Labour leader said the prime minister had created “unity between Ofsted and teaching unions and former education secretaries on both sides of this house – a true era of unity in education thinking”.

Corbyn challenged May to name an educational expert who would back her proposals on grammar schools and selective schools, asking her: “Why does the prime minister want to expand a system that can only let young people down?”

May insisted that new grammars would not lead to poor standards in schools for children who did not get into selective schools.’ - Guardian

‘Richard Burden, Labour MP for Birmingham Northfield…asked Ms May to congratulate engineering firm ADI Group for its scheme to boost the interest of 14- to 16-year-olds in engineering, then said: “Her words of congratulation would mean rather more if they were not accompanied by cuts of between 30 and 50 per cent in apprenticeships funding, a programme which the institution of the motoring industry has described as a car crash.”

In response, Ms May said: “I, of course, am happy to commend the company that he has referred to, and of course the West Midlands are an important driver in terms of engineering skills in this country, but I simply don’t recognise the situation he’s set out in relation to apprenticeships.”

She continued: “We’ve seen two million apprenticeships created over the last six years, we’re committed as a government to ensuring more apprenticeships are being created – that’s giving young people opportunities, like the young people I met when I went to Jaguar Landrover, to learn a skill, to get into a job, to get into the workplace and to get on where their talents will take them.”’ – FE Week


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