Milburn: do more for poor students or lose right to £9K fees.

‘Universities should be stripped of the right to charge £9,000 fees if they fail to admit poorer students and help them to get a job when they leave, the Government's social mobility tsar has warned.

Alan Milburn called on ministers to toughen up rules which allow universities to hike their charges to include stricter guidelines on how many low-income students they admit, how many drop out and what their outcomes are. 

The Government should also introduce social mobility league tables to shine a light on how institutions are performing, Mr Milburn said, as he warned that only one child in seven in the bottom 40 per cent of families go to university. 

Speaking in central London Mr Milburn, who is the chair of the Social Mobility Commission, said: "At current rates of progress it would take over 50 years before the gap in access to university is closed between the areas with the lowest and highest participation rates.

"Poor performers in widening participation should be challenged to raise their game. Charging £9,000 fees should be subject to universities reaching a higher bar in access, retention and progression for low-income students than they do currently."’ - Telegraph

‘Universities must also target higher education “cold spots” in towns such as Mansfield or Minehead, he said, to stop them from becoming “hollowed out” as more able and ambitious people move away to fulfil their ambitions.’ - Times


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