Nearly a quarter of highest ranked European universities in UK.

‘The top 200 universities in Europe have been published in new rankings today; revealing that the UK is leading the way with nearly a quarter of all places on the list.

However, despite leading the rankings, Phil Baty, THE rankings editor, said Germany was a serious challenger to the UK due to the scrapping of tuition fees and the high number of taught English degrees offered.

Mr Baty said: “International students are hugely important to the health of the UK higher education system and the wider economy. They spend about £4.5 billion on tuition fees and accommodation alone, but they also add much to the overall student experience by supporting a rich, multicultural campus life for all students. But this vital lifeline is increasingly at risk – for the first time this year the UK saw international student numbers stagnate, with significant drops from some countries."

He warned: “Not only are our restrictive immigration policies and the noisy rhetoric surrounding the issue leading many students to perceive that they are not welcome in the UK, we are also seeing the increasing popularity of European universities which are often just as highly ranked as their UK competitors but also much, much cheaper to study with."’ - Telegraph


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