New campaign encourages young people to ‘Get in Go Far’.

‘Apprentices across the country have been auditioning to be the stars of a new campaign that calls on young people to kick-start their career by choosing an apprenticeship.

From hundreds of talented apprentices across England, 13 were selected to be the stars of the campaign that will show young people how an apprenticeship can give them the skills and experience they need to land their dream job.

The talented young people landed work in top firms including IBM, JCB and Sellafield and will see their faces on billboards and television screens across England.’ –

‘[W]here I hope Get In Go Far can really make a difference is in creating a long term cultural shift in perceptions surrounding apprenticeships, motivating all audiences to see them as an expected and highly respected work-based qualification.

Government is certainly in this for the long haul and will be reaching out to youngsters in school as well as those aged up to 24. It is geared up to persuade parents to understand just how valuable an apprenticeship can be for their children, and make sure teachers are aware of the information they need to promote apprenticeships in the classroom. The campaign will also target employers in order to increase the supply of apprenticeships and traineeships.’ – David Cameron’s Apprenticeship Adviser in Huffington Post


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