New charitable higher education foundation created.

‘A number of vice-chancellors and a former Treasury minister are among those advising a new charitable foundation for higher education created by one of the UK’s largest student accommodation providers.

The UPP Foundation, launched by University Partnerships Programme (UPP) on 21 April, has been established to tackle the “biggest issues” facing UK higher education and will see £2.5 million invested into the sector over the next five years.

UPP, the sole funder of the foundation, will award grants to universities, charities and other sector bodies to achieve goals including improving access and retention for poorer students, increasing graduate employability, promoting civic universities and developing global citizens. 

One of the UPP Foundation’s first actions will be to award a grant to the UK student mental health charity Student Minds, which helps to create supportive environments for students through research-led training and support.’ – Times Higher Education


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