One in four jobs unfilled due to skills shortage.

‘The number of job vacancies unfilled because employers cannot find candidates with the appropriate skills has risen by 130 per cent in four years, according to new research by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills.’ TES

‘The Employer Skills Survey (ESS) 2015…found that 23 per cent of vacancies went unfilled because of skills shortages – a proportion that has not changed since 2013, despite a 42 per cent growth in the number of vacancies in the UK overall.’ FE Week

‘Skill shortages have increased as the economy has recovered after the financial crisis and unemployment has dropped. Joblessness is now just 5.1 per cent, the lowest since 2006, which means there is a smaller pool of available workers that employers can tap. The shortage is most acute in the electricity, gas, water, construction, transport and manufacturing sectors.’ –

‘Employers said analytical skills were one of the main abilities that job applicants lacked, and that time management, sales and customer service were some of the hardest talents to lock down.’  - CNBC

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