One size fits all education system is failing some.

Sir Michael Wilshaw gave a speech about his ‘Ambitions for Education’ at the thinktank CentreForum.

‘A "one size fits all" education system is failing some of England's children and more must be done to ensure they get the schooling they need, according to Sir Michael Wilshaw.

It is important not to forget that the "written off and the 'failed'" need the most help, and the responsibility to support them does not end when students fail to achieve the academic targets set out for them, the Ofsted chief suggests.’ (Daily Mail online)

‘He suggests that other nations, such as Germany and Switzerland, have more flexible education systems that meet the needs of both students and their economies, and as a result they have lower youth unemployment levels than the UK.

In his address, Sir Michael questions what should be done about the quarter to a third of youngsters who do not meet challenging academic targets.’ (Yahoo news)

‘At present, Sir Michael says the education system in England does not offer enough opportunities for those who do not succeed at GCSEs.

"The statistics show that those who fail to achieve the required grades in maths and English at 16 make little or no progress in further education colleges two years later," says the Ofsted head.

"Preparation for employment remains poor and careers guidance in both schools and colleges is uniformly weak." ‘ (BBC News online)

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