Provide good workspaces for better productivity.

‘Just 57 per cent of UK employees think their work environment helps them concentrate, according to new research by office designers Steelcase.

Britain trailed behind international competitors on a number of key measures of employee workplace satisfaction, including workers’ confidence in being able to work in teams without interruption.

The new report follows figures published by the Office for National Statistics in February 2016 which revealed that the gap between the productivity of UK workers and their G7 counterparts is at its widest level in more than two decades. British output per hour was 18 percentage points below the other members of the group in 2014.

Bob Seddon, the chair of the workplace special interest group for the BIFM (British Institute of Facilities Management), added: “Providing workspaces for high performing organisations is more than just an exercise in reducing corporate real estate costs. The cultural, physical and technological facets of working environments all have an impact on bottom line ‘output’ performance, with the potential to improve employee productivity, wellbeing and satisfaction.”’ – Business Advice


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