Put theatre trips back on school curriculum says Jonathan Pryce.

‘GCSE drama syllabuses by the exam boards AQA and OCR no longer require pupils to watch a live performance, a move condemned in April by David Harewood and Zoë Wanamaker, among other actors.

Pryce said: “There seem to be fewer school trips to the theatre. We’re now being told that it’s enough for a young person to experience digital theatre … a public record of a performance, but nothing like a live performance.

“It’s great that places that no longer have theatres can get to see quality theatre, but I’d be happier if money was put in to get those young people into live theatre. It’s an eye-opener when people are exposed to it for the first time.

“The audience in a live performance is the extra cast member. The make-up of that audience and how they respond to the play shapes the performance that night.”

School trips to the theatre should be on the curriculum, Pryce said. “. This particular government is like being back in Thatcher’s days. She didn’t respect theatre … a lot of funding was withdrawn from theatres. This government is saying that theatre … doesn’t need to be on the syllabus.”

He said it was partly because of his concern about future generations that he was drawn to productions by young people. “In the mix of doing a big movie like GI Joe or a big TV series like Game of Thrones, to be able to work with young filmmakers is quite exciting.” - Guardian


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