Report finds choices may be limited for rural children.

‘Three out of five young people in rural areas of England do not have adequate public transport to get to secondary school, according to research from Rural England.

The State of Rural Services report says lack of public transport is harming opportunities in education…

Most young people in these countryside areas cannot get to school in a "reasonable travel time" by public transport or walking, which means their choices depend on where they can be driven by their parents.

The Rural England study says there are more people with low qualifications in rural areas - but being able to improve their skills in further education is made difficult because of weak transport links.’ - BBC

‘The Government has proposed that every Briton should have the legal right to request access to internet speeds of 10mbps by 2020.

Matt Warman, chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary group on broadband, said the Government must introduce specific provisions to improve broadband in schools, as rural children are missing out on "huge chunks of the curriculum".

Mr Warman, who is MP for Boston and Skegness and sits on the science and technology select committee, told The Daily Telegraph: “Children aren’t able to do huge chunks of the curriculum if they don’t have a decent connection…

Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, revealed last month that a quarter of all properties in rural areas – close to a million in total - still do not have decent broadband.

Steve Unger, Ofcom’s group director, said it was “unacceptable” that so many people were struggling to get broadband and urged ministers to improve coverage in the countryside.’ - Telegraph


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