Restaurant training in prison found to reduce reoffending.

‘New data analysis from a report conducted by the Justice Data Lab (JDL) and the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) provides evidence that prisoners participating in The Clink Charity’s innovative hospitality training scheme reduces reoffending rates, with the report stating the charity has achieved a “statistically significant result”.

The report looked at male ex-offenders who have trained for between six and 18 months at The Clink Restaurants at HMP High Down in Surrey, HMP Brixton in London and HMP Cardiff in Wales. In order to show a fair assessment, Clink Graduates that qualified for analysis were measured comparatively to individuals that have not received The Clink’s intervention but were similar in circumstance.

The results found that for every 100 typical people participating in The Clink’s training scheme, 17 would go on to re-offend within a year of release whereas for every 100 typical non-participants in a group of similar people, 29 would re-offend within a year. This indicates that for The Clink Charity there has been a 41.0% reduction in the likelihood of re-offending for those participating in the programme”.

In line with the reduction in the number of individuals committing a re-offence achieved by The Clink Charity, the data also shows a reduction in the number of proven re-offences by 40.9% – another statistically significant result.’ - Caterer Licensee Hotelier News

‘The Clink scheme recruits prisoners who have six to 18 months of their sentences left to serve. They receive full-time training in order to become employed in one of the restaurants and, through the skills and qualifications they gain from the scheme, upon release from prison.

The scheme strives to graduate 1,000 trainees into employment each year and trains, on average, 50 prisoners per training unit per year. By 2020, the organisation hopes to have 20 training projects.

Justice Minister Sam Gyimah said: “We want prisons to be places of hard work and high ambition, with incentives for prisoners to learn. And I am delighted that the Clink restaurant gives prisoners the skills and qualifications needed to secure employment on release.

“The Justice Secretary announced a major overhaul of the prison system last week.

“Our measures will create prisons that are places of safety and reform, giving prisoners the education and skills they need to turn their back on crime for good.” ‘ - Wales Online

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