Revision app that’s helping thousands of students.

George Burgess spoke to the Huffington Post about his revision app Gojimo.

‘Seven years later, George’s Gojimo ranks third on the UK’s App Store for Education, and was used by a remarkable one in five GCSE students last year.

Yet the road to success hasn’t been a typical one for George. Having studied at the prestigious St Paul’s School in London, he took a series of gap years to kickstart his business.

After beginning his studies at Stamford University in the US, he left after his first year. “I felt secure in leaving due to the success of Gojimo. I found I could work full-time on the app or on my studies, but not both,” he says.

A contract with the BBC for its Bitesize revision strand grew into stronger links with existing publishers - meaning Gojimo can host a huge variety of content on pretty much all subjects.
It also means George no longer relies on his old teachers.

Yet his latest idea will see the app grow into something more a kin to a personal tutor network.’ - Huffington Post

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