Should the NUS campaign on issues outside student life?

‘The wider issue is perhaps whether the NUS should campaign on issues that do not immediately and directly affect students. Should it support the general opposition to austerity, public sector cuts, curbs in benefits, restrictions on legal aid and the rest?

My answer is an unequivocal yes. It is difficult to draw a line between student issues and wider political campaigns. For example, students are as likely as anyone else to be adversely affected by cuts in, or the creeping privatisation of, say, the NHS. There are also direct links between policies that hit students, high tuition fees and increasing graduate debt, and other government policies on public expenditure and public services.

And, as Obama so eloquently told young people in his “town hall” meeting last month, they should not feel powerless to change the world and succumb to cynicism. You can’t tell them, or the NUS, it’s OK to campaign on “safer” issues such as the environment but not on more divisive ones like cuts and austerity, or even on difficult issues such as the government’s so-called Prevent campaign against terrorism.’ - Guardian

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