Teams don’t share managers’ high opinions of themselves.

‘Managers rank their own performance more highly than their direct reports, a survey by HR consultancy Penna has revealed.

More than half of employees went so far as to say they could do a better job than their manager, its research found.

Eighty per cent of managers said they were either definitely or sometimes “good at supporting their direct reports with opportunities for promotion”, yet more than one-third (39%) of their employees did not agree.

More than nine managers in 10 also felt that they supported staff with opportunities, but 29% of staff felt this was not the case.

Penna did uncover some positive opinions of managers, however, with 64% saying they liked their manager, and 66% saying they respected him or her. More than three-quarters (77%) said they had a good relationship with their boss.

Analysis by the CMI for its Management 2020 report showed that the scale of retirement expected in the next five years is set to create demand for as many as one million new managers in the coming years.’ – Personnel Today

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