Two thirds of middle managers distrust senior leaders: survey.

‘Just one in three (36%) of the 1,456 middle managers surveyed for The Middle Manager Lifeline say they fully trust their senior leaders. This breakdown is corroding wider employee trust in organisations, with four in five middle managers believing that staff lack full trust in their CEO.

Mistrust of the boss is found to be closely linked to business performance and growth. 85% of business leaders and managers agree trust is critical to business performance: the report finds that fast-growing organisations are four-and-a-half times more likely to report a high degree of trust between middle and senior management.

Low trust levels reflect a communication breakdown, with only 37% agreeing that their leadership team is transparent. This ‘trust gap’ means only 31% of managers are ‘very confident’ in communicating company guidance and strategy to their teams.

The trust gap is particularly worrying in the wake of the Brexit vote, according to Ann Francke, CMI chief executive, who says:

“The Brexit vote reflected a breakdown of trust in politicians, businesses and other institutions. Rebuilding it isn’t just a requirement of our political leadership – it’s a profound management challenge for the nation.”’ – Politics Home


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