Universities work to meet diversity targets.

‘Elite universities are lowering place offers by up to two grades for pupils whose parents have no degree as part of efforts to fulfil Government diversity targets.

Some are aiming to fill a quarter of new undergraduate places with students who are the 'first in their family to go to university' by the academic year 2019-20.

Parental background is increasingly becoming an important factor in choosing students, amid criticism universities take too many middle class teenagers.

Institutions must submit annual plans for boosting social mobility to the Government's Office For Fair Access or risk losing the right to charge full tuition fees.

Some universities are aggressively targeting schools in impoverished areas and asking teachers to put forward pupils whose families have no experience of higher education.

Three universities – Oxford, LSE and Southampton – have programmes targeting pupils whose parents have not been to university or fulfil other 'deprivation criteria'.

And a further 12 of the elite Russell Group take part in the Realising Opportunities scheme, which gives poorer pupils offers of two grades lower than the standard offer.’ — Mail online

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