What can be done to improve mental health in the PR profession?

‘In 2016 the CIPR’s annual State of the Profession Survey found that 30 per cent of people cited their wellbeing in the workplace as ‘unhappy’ or ‘extremely unhappy’.

Happiness is a relative emotion but it’s a story that is consistent with data published last year by the PRCA. In a poll of members it found that 34 per cent had suffered from poor mental ill health.

Rajmeena Aujla, a member of the CIPR’s Diversity and Inclusion Forum, cited a series of practical initiatives whereby employees [sic] can better support their staff.

“Employees can provide wellbeing benefits such as exercise, fruit, and flexible working,” said Aujla.

“The biggest impact is training managers to be sensitive to mental illness and provide support through line management and mentoring. Signposting to online support communities can also be a huge help.”’ – The Drum


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