Who’s in and who’s out following the Cabinet reshuffle?

‘The PM said the new line-up brought in "talent from across the whole of the Conservative Party". Her comments came after Michael Gove, one of the driving forces behind Brexit, returned to the front bench as environment secretary. She said it was a "government that's going to be governing for everyone".

"Crucially I've brought in talent from across the whole of the Conservative Party. We want a country that works for everyone." She said she had appointed "a cabinet that will get on with the job of government". "That's about delivering a successful Brexit negotiations. And those negotiations start in a week's time."

Mrs May also said the government would be tackling issues such as the Brexit negotiations, and such issues as education, "dealing for the need for more housing" and a "proper mental health legislation that is going to support people".And when asked if she would continue in office, she replied: "I said during the election campaign if re-elected, I would serve a full term."
Most of the cabinet jobs remain unchanged:

  • Chancellor of the Exchequer - Philip Hammond 
  • Secretary of State for the Home Department - Amber Rudd 
  • Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs - Boris Johnson 
  • Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union - David Davis 
  • Secretary of State for Defence - Michael Fallon
  • Health Secretary - Jeremy Hunt
  • Communities Secretary - Sajid Javid 
  • Culture Secretary - Karen Bradley
  • International development - Priti Patel
  • Transport - Chris Grayling
  • Business - Greg Clark’

    BBC News


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