Young Muslim women outperforming men in gaining degrees.

‘Muslim girls are academically outperforming their male counterparts for the first time, researchers have found.

A “new and remarkable” cultural shift will be revealed this week to the British Sociological Association annual conference, when it hears evidence that more young Muslim women have been gaining degrees at British universities than Muslim men, even though they have been under-represented for decades.

Dr Nabil Khattab of the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies in Qatar, and Professor Tariq Modood of the University of Bristol, found that 25% of Muslim women aged 21-24 now have degrees, compared with 22% of Muslim men of the same age.

Khattab suggested that one possible reason for the change might be the fact that Muslim women, particularly those planning to become economically active after leaving school, appreciated that they were “likely to face labour market penalties due to widespread stereotypes and racism, perhaps more so than Muslim men”.

He explained: “This can reinforce their determination to obtain higher education qualifications not only as good as those of the majority group but even better, in order to resist the anticipated labour market discrimination preventing them from achieving a desired job.”’ - Guardian


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