MOL is a leading provider of professional corporate development, with over thirty years’ experience. We operate nationally, and our distinctions include being a top three UK market leader in the provision of professional human resources (HR) qualifications. Beyond this strong market base in HR, MOL has diversified into professional sectors including leadership and management, property law and property agency.

MOL courses are designed to make learning part of everyday life. Our flexible, adaptable study methods allow learners to take control of their own professional development in the workplace. Learning technology changes frequently, so our training teams carry out regular research to ensure our offer meets our learners’ changing needs. MOL builds long term relationships with corporate organisations and contributes to debates on teaching methods and the value of professional development in the workplace. We work with each business to ensure they benefit from the investment they make in enabling their employees to ‘learn, develop and excel’.

MOL is a truly national organisation, offering flexible and Live Online learning solutions. We employ tutors who are expert practitioners in their fields. Our tutors offer our learners online and telephone support and encouragement in addition to the main training schedule. Our team also includes a sales and support team, quality assurance professionals and an innovation team who research advances in learning methods to benefit our clients. We write exclusive learning materials as the preferred provider for several national awarding bodies, and an accredited centre for many more. MOL is proud to be a leading force in professional training and supports ambitious professionals to achieve their goals.

MOL Facts:



Number of Employees
A team of over 100 staff and associates
Number of Learners
Provided professional training to over 100,000 learners since 1984
Leaders in Outstanding Professional Development.