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Inspiring the workforce of tomorrow

LTE Group's Finance Team inspired inquisitive primary school pupils at a unique Q&A.

Two colleagues from LTE Group's Finance Team visited Newall Green Primary School to take part in a question and answer session with over 30 Year 5 pupils.

The event, organised by BW3​ (Business Working with Wythenshawe), aimed to give learners at the Wythenshawe primary a better understanding of future employment opportunities. It was also a chance for the children to build valuable research skills and meet ​​professionals from local employers, which included Manchester Airports Group.

Jenny Smith, Senior Business Partner, and Lee Walker, Project Cost Accountant, represented LTE Group at the session.

The children took turns to meet experts from all the organisations in attendance and had five minutes to ask questions and guess what the interviewee did for a living.

In addition to the professional questions asked by the children, the experts were also asked: 

  • ​Are you rich?
  • Do you have a big house?​
  • Do you drive a Lamborghini?​​

Debbie Sanderson, Divisional Finance Director for The Manchester College, said: "Jenny and Lee really enjoyed their time at Newall Green Primary School and the initiative was a great opportunity for our team and Group to give something back to the community in which we work.

"It's a pleasure to support BW3, they are passionate about making a difference and the work they do really does changes lives for the better."

Zara Rudkin from BW3 added: "Inviting professionals to speak to children of this age is a real eye opener for the learners and leaves a lasting impression.

The reality is that some children are not exposed to the world of world at home because their parents, and sometimes grandparents as well, do not work. The importance and impact of these events cannot be underestimated.

"We are grateful to have the support of LTE Group. I firmly believe that Jenny and Lee have inspired another generation of accountants."

According to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics, an estimated 2.8 million households (13.5%) have no one living there in employment.