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LTE Group supports International Women’s Day

Colleagues across LTE Group share their inspirational views

International Women's Day 2020 (Sunday 8 March) was yesterday marked throughout the globe with celebrations, events and rallies to show commitment to being #EachforEqual.

Colleagues from across our Group’s business units shared their views surrounding International Women's Day and on the importance of empowering women through education.

Emily Allen, Product Manager - MOL

“At MOL we provide professional qualifications to professionals who are fitting in their studies around their busy lives and jobs. Professional qualifications are a great way of giving you externally, officially recognised validation of achievements, and they are as equally accessible to women as men. I find it particularly interesting that we actually have more women than men studying with us across all the qualifications that we offer. We have also created programmes that support the flexibility that our female learners tell us they need so that everyone can participate.”

Joanna Moonan, Operations Director - MOL

“At MOL we are ambassadors of lifelong learning and are proud when our learners report that having a professional qualification has given them new confidence, capabilities and insight into their roles and even personal lives.

We are honoured to be empowering our learners and to even the gendered workplace playing field by reducing barriers to learning.

As our learners needs change and evolve, our goal is to continue to support our learners, of any gender, progress in their careers and achieve their full potential.”

Christine Stoddart, Education Manager - Novus

“Education plays a vital role in prison to empower and support our women in their journey through and following custody. Regular attendance in education can have a positive impact in a variety of ways and each resident has their own set of circumstances, individual needs and areas where they need to work on to improve. As a team we need to ensure we provide each of our learners with a tailored pathway that supports their needs, be they educational, emotional or social.”

Rachel Curry, Deputy Principal – The Manchester College

“To mark International Women's Day, I'd like to take the opportunity to recognise three women who shaped my early years and therefore my behaviours and approach to life. My paternal grandmother was widowed in the Second World War and left with a two year old son. From her I learned resilience, never giving up, having strength of character to respond to incredibly challenging events thrown at you in life and still carry on. From my maternal grandmother, to find time to reflect and think things through – to remain calm and measured. Finally my Mum encouraged me to be reliable and above all kind. There were no limits - I could be anything I wanted to be with hard work. Those women are no longer with us, but their influence is with me every day. That's what I would encourage of us all - to be a positive influence on others.”

Gina Steele, Managing Director - Total People

"International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the hard work and countless contributions of women both within our organisation and beyond. At Total People, every learner matters but it is astounding that there are still 130 million girls across the world who are not in education, many whom are unable to access it for lots of reasons such as pregnancy, marriage or poverty.

With access to education, women have gone on to invent so many amazing things, from the life raft and the windscreen wiper to computer programming. Over the past year alone, our apprentices have accomplished so many amazing achievements, including Tia Cavanagh who took home the Advanced Apprentice of the Year award at the Student Excellence Awards. International Women’s Day allows us to take time to celebrate all our female learners at Total People who will be blazing the trail in the future in whichever career they chose to pursue."

Katherine Rushton, Media Tutor - UCEN Manchester

"As an educator in animation, it has been my privilege to work with some exceptional women and girls throughout my career. We need more women and girls studying animation to help build this from the ground up so they can become leaders in this exciting and varied field."