Lord Hanningfield calls for better education for prisoners.

Lord Hanningfield spoke in the House of Lords about his experience of prison education following his time in prison in 2011.

‘An Essex Peer told the House of Lords that his time in jail has led him to call for better education for prisoners.

Lord Hanningfield was sentenced to nine months in prison in 2011 after being found guilty of nearly £14,000 worth of expenses fraud.

He served a quarter of the sentence in jail. He says during his spell in prison he had been shocked by the number of prisoners who were illiterate.’ (ITV News)

‘Opening a debate on what measures the Government was taking to improve education in jail, Lord Hanningfield told fellow peers: "I think you are all aware that I have been in prison myself.

"When I was first sent to prison, after I got over the terrible shock of it, I thought I had better try and do something with myself, and so I spent a lot of time researching and talking to fellow inmates about how they got there.

"And I found that so many, particularly of the young ones, were really unable to read or write, and the illiteracy amount in prisons is over 50%, I have since been told. Education in prison needs to be brought-up the agenda enormously. Education is right at the bottom of the profile in prisons now."’ (Daily Mail online)

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