May calls for Institutes of Technology & specialist maths schools

‘Theresa May will move [today] to reassure business leaders that they will not suffer skills shortages as a result of Brexit, when she places expansion of vocational education at the heart of a new proactive industrial strategy. Many businesses worry that the UK’s departure from the single market will not only damage their trade with Europe but will also make it more difficult to attract enough suitable workers…

In a sign of her willingness to show that government must work in partnership with the private sector rather than take a “hands-off” approach, May will acknowledge the need to improve the UK’s productivity. She will also announce £170m of additional funding for institutes of technology to boost technical education, addressing its “historic undervaluation” by providing a credible alternative for young people who do not go to university.’ - Guardian

‘Ministers hope to use the free school model - championed under David Cameron - to expand the provision of specialist maths education across the country. 

High-performing Exeter and Kings College London Mathematics Schools will be taken as the model, with a government source saying the aim is to establish a specialist maths school in every British city. 

The proposals will be outlined in a government “green paper”, with ministers urging feedback from people and institutions across the UK before deciding how to proceed.’ - Telegraph


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